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Happy Cat Month!

Celebrate Happy Cat Month This September with Carol Stream Animal Hospital

When you love your cats, it's time to give your cat all the care they need. Even though you may feel as though your cat is quite independent, they still need quality veterinarian care, love and attention. At Carol Stream Animal Hospital in Carol Stream, IL, we provide excellent care for your cats to live a long, healthy life.

Cat owner playing with her cat

What Is Happy Cat Month?

Happy cat month is every September, and is an effort to bring awareness to the care and wellness of your feline companions. While cats are often perceived as independent, happy cat month celebrates cats and works to help cat owners learn new ways to keep their cats happy. Happy cat month was created by the CATalyst Council in an effort to spread the word about companion cats, their health and welfare. It's an annual event that shines a light on the importance of the emotional and physical welfare of companion cats.

The Importance of Happy Cat Month

Cats are more than simply independent creatures who allow you to pet them once in a while. Cats need love, nurturing and regular checkups to make sure they are healthy. Happy cat month promotes awareness around how to care for your cat, and how important it is to pay attention to their medical and emotional needs. Cats can be self-sufficient, but they thrive in an environment which promotes playing, rest, and exercise.

It's easy to forget about your cat when they are independent, and happy cat month helps you focus again on your favorite companion animal. Give your cat the happiness they deserve and begin to pay more attention to their needs. Your cat can live a long, happy life when you give them the care they deserve.

Visit Carol Stream Animal Hospital Today!

Keep your cat healthy and visit Carol Stream Animal Hospital today by calling (630) 462-7888 and setting up an initial consultation.

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