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National Dog Day in August

Celebrate National Dog Day in August With Our Carol Stream Animal Hospital

National Dog Day is August 26, it is a day set aside in the busy year to celebrate your furry family members, a date of reminder to update any of their vaccines or medication, recheck your home for pet safety, and anything else you can do to make your pup's life as rich as possible. It was founded by Colleen Paige in 2004 to bring to light the “plight of the animal, and encourage adoption”, according to the National Dog Day web-page. At Carol Stream Animal Hospital we will be preparing to celebrate our favorite pups on the 26th. 

two dogs sitting on a hiking trail

Here Are Some Things You Can do to Celebrate National Dog Day

  • Inspect your home for pet safety hazards or comfort issues. Why not make this date the official time to recheck your home for any safety issues and upgrade your pet's bedding, or worn toys as they can be a choking hazard?
  • Take a puppy class. We offer puppy classes for pups to teach them basic skills and socialization. National Dog Day is a great time to upgrade your pup's skills. 
  • Make it your dog's birthday, if you don't know the date. After all, they deserve a birthday too! 
  • Adopt a shelter dog if you don't already have a pet. There are lovely shelter pets near you that would love to greet you each day after work and enjoy long hikes in the fall days that are just around the corner.
  • Take your pet to the veterinarian for an annual checkup. The date is a great reminder for a yearly well-pet checkup. 
  • Donate to the cause. Local shelters run on donations, so even if you cannot adopt a pet at the moment a donation of time, money, or food can help too. 

Contact Us Today At Carol Stream Animal Hospital to Schedule an Appointment For Your Dog!

Call Carol Stream Animal Hospital in Carol Stream, IL today. We would love to meet your dog and begin a lifetime relationship of fulfilling their health needs. If you have any questions about how to keep your dog safe at home or other ways to celebrate National Dog Day call us at 630-462-7888 . 

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