Having Fun in our Community!

Your Animal Hospital Is A Big Part Of Your Community 

Carol Stream Animal Hospital is very involved in our community because we believe that a life worth living is a life of giving.  We provide mentorship to high school and college students, provide scholarships to college-bound students, help scouts earn animal bags, participate in community food drives, give our time to junior achievement programs, present at local schools, and more.  The Carol Stream Animal Hospital has always been well-supported by our community and we want to make sure we give back.  Thanks for your all your amazing support over the years, and we look forward to continuing to serve the greatest community in the world.

Dr. Contreras and Dr. Conrath had a great time teaching everyone at the Museum of Science and Industry about the world of veterinary medicine. Thanks to the Museum & CVMA for putting together such a great event.

Dr. Contreras taught high school kids about what it takes to become a veterinarian and what a day in the life of a vet is like. Glenbard North is encouraging and supporting students who would like to learn about different professions. What a great school! 

Had a lot of fun teaching pet CPR to an amazing group of people who help protect us every day. Thanks Bloomingdale Fire Department & Invisible Fence!

 Dr. Contreras teaching kids about veterinary medicine at the Anderson Animal Shelter Youth Education Program. The kids were shown what it takes to become a veterinarian and then were shown X-rays and cases to go along with them. Lots of fun!!

Congratulations to Elizabeth, our 2016 Carol Stream Animal Hospital Health and Science scholarship winner! We are so proud of all your amazing accomplishments, and we look forward to your success.

It was great to talk to an amazing group of fire fighters about pet CPR! 

Having a blast teaching these seventh graders about veterinary medicine at Technology Center of Dupage career fair. #livingthroughgiving #makeadifference

Had a great time teaching high school sophomores about becoming a veterinarian. We had fun working up "cases" at the end of the presentation. Thanks Addison Trail HS for having such great students!

We had a lot of fun teaching these Brownies (and hopefully future vets) all about our great profession.  
NOTE: No teddy bears were harmed in the making of this video.

Helping these Brownies earn their animal badge!  What an amazing and enthusiastic group of kids!  We had a lot of fun learning about veterinary medicine.  

We want to thank all the SQ Scholar program students from Chicago for a fun day at the animal hospital. Dr. Ciribassi and Dr. Contreras had a blast teaching all the students about Veterinary Medicine!

We have a long tradition of walking with the greatest animals and friends in the Carol Stream Fourth of July Parade.  Enjoy this fun Carol Stream Animal Hospital video as we celebrate our country's independence!

Our hospital loves to have fun!  Not only do we have the best owners and pets, but they are also the most talented!  Check out some of our videos that we've made over the years.  Enjoy! 

Carol Stream Animal Hospital on Elk Trail in Carol Stream is proud to offer the Life Science College Scholarship to a deserving student each year. We have been a part of the Carol Stream community since 1988. Veterinary medicine has given us the opportunity to live and serve many of the furry, fuzzy, feathered, and finned friends of Carol Stream for these many years. While we know that the American way is through sports and athletics, we believe that the academic road is rigorous and a lot of work as well. Many times, academic students don't get recognized as they should. So in this light, we choose a student each year who is entering a health professional field at a four year college to receive our $1000 scholarship. Above are some previous scholarship recipients.  

Please meet Jackie and Ginger!  Two super-cute dogs up for adoption at Dupage County Animal Care and Control in Wheaton, IL.  Please share this video and spread the word about these two sweet dogs ready for adoption.

Meet Diego, a very cute dog up for adoption at Dupage County Animal Care and Control.  Please share this video so we can help find a home for this sweet lovable dog!

Meet Soxy and Lee Lee, two sweet cats up for adoption at Dupage County Animal Care and Control. Please share this video so we can help find a home for these two lovable cats.

Please stop by and drop off your non-perishable food items at our hospital. Our community food pantry is in desperate need of donations. Let's show what a great and giving community we are!

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