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National Animal Safety and Protection Month in October

Animal Safety With Our Carol Stream Veterinarian

Keeping your pet safe is one of your top priorities, but it isn't always easy! From flea medications to microchip information, there's a lot to remember. Our veterinarian at Carol Stream Animal Hospital is celebrating National Animal Safety And Protection Month and is here to help you make sure you're doing all you can to keep your furry friend safe.

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National Animal Safety And Protection Month

October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month! Created by PALS, an animal welfare organization, National Animal Safety And Protection Month is a great opportunity for pet owners across the United States to make sure they're doing all they can to keep their pets safe. This month is celebrated by veterinary offices, animal supply stores, and animal shelters. 

Keeping Pets Safe Indoors

It's important to make sure your home is a safe environment for your pet. Keep dangerous snacks (such as raisins, grapes, and chocolate) out of your pet's reach (don't forget, dogs and cats can jump). Make sure cleaning products are placed in an area where a curious pet can't get to them. Whether your animal spends time outdoors or not, it's important to make sure they regularly get flea and tick medication, as humans can track these pests into the house.

Keeping Pets Safe Outdoors

All animals should have a microchip, but this is especially important for animals who spend time outside. Make sure their microchip information is up to date. If your pet spends time in a fenced-in area, be sure that the latch on the fence is secure, and that there are not any large holes at the bottom of the fence.

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If you need to get your pet up to date on shots, microchipping, or a check-up, we're here to help! Call Carol Stream Animal Hospital today at 630-462-7888 to make your first appointment. 

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