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Signs Your Pet May Have Allergies

Signs Your Is Suffering From Allergies

People suffer from allergies every year, but they are unaware that their pets can suffer from allergies, too. In fact, allergies are common among cats and dogs. Veterinarians specializing in dermatology can diagnose and treat your pets for the two categories of allergies – food and environmental.

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Seasonal Allergies

According to Dr. Taylor Truitt, veterinarian at The Vet Set in Brooklyn, New York, allergens that can trigger symptoms include trees, grasses, pollens, and environmental pollutants.  You can help your pets by preventing exposure to outdoor and indoor allergens as much as possible and managing symptoms.

Food Allergies

Pets can also be allergic to foods. While many of the symptoms of food allergies are the same as those for seasonal allergies there are some differences. For example, a pet with a food allergy may vomit and have diarrhea. Finding the specific food that your pet is allergic to can mean playing detective while you eliminate foods to determine what food is the culprit.

Signs to Watch For

Like people, pets can have red, puffy eyes and respiratory issues related to allergies. In both seasonal and food allergies the dominant symptoms are skin irritation and rash. You should look for the following symptoms:

  • Increased itching that worsens after being outside or eating.
  • Rash on the belly, paws (especially between the toes), and belly.
  • Red ears accompanied by an odor. Irritated ears may also cause your pet to shake their head or shy away from being touched.
  • Constant licking, particularly on the belly and paws.
  • Red skin irritation around the mouth, chin, paws, and/or anus.
  • Rubbing the face and/or body on carpet, pillows, couches, and so on, to alleviate itching.
  • Sneezing
  • An inflamed throat can cause snoring.
  • Hot spots (from untreated allergies)

 Contact Carol Stream Animal Hospital Today

Our veterinarians at Carol Stream Animal Hospital specialize in dermatology. If you notice any of these symptoms contact us at (630) 462-7888 to schedule your pet for allergy testing and treatment.

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