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Adopt a Shelter Dog This October!

Consider Pet Adoption This October to Take Part in the ASPCA's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

If you have been considering getting a pet, look no further than your local shelters for pet adoption. The ASPCA has set aside the month of October as the official time to spread awareness or to Adopt a Shelter Dog. There are many lovely, funny, cute, and even adorably ugly shelter dogs to choose from who need a warm home this winter. But it is not a one-sided relationship, a new dog or puppy will offer you priceless years of companionship.

Little Pup Tilting His Head in Excitement

We Are Excited to Meet Your New Pet at Carol Stream Animal Hospital

At Carol Stream Animal Hospital we love meeting the community’s new pets. No matter the age of the pet you adopt, bring them in for their first check up and let us get to know your new family member in advance of a medical emergency so they will be comfortable at our clinic. We can take care of all of your pet's needs and who knows? Maybe your new pet will end up as our very own Pet of the Month!

If you are not sure you are ready to adopt your first dog or add another dog to your family you can still participate in the cause by spreading awareness of Pet Adoption Month through resources on the ASPCA website. They offer many tips and even a media toolkit to help you share adorable pictures of shelter dogs and other flyers you can share on your own social media to help people become aware of the number of shelter dogs that need good homes. 

Call us to Set Up Your Pet's First Veterinarian Appointment 

Contact us at Carol Stream Animal Hospital to set up an appointment for your new pet. We offer veterinarian services that a new pet will need, no matter the age from puppy vaccinations, neutering/spaying, boosters, parasite prevention, and emergency care. Call today 630-462-7888.

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