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Frontline Plus: Buy 3, get 1 Free 

                          Buy 6, get 2 Free 

Nexgard:        Buy 6, get 1 Free 

                         Buy 10, get 2 Free 

Revolution:   Buy 6, get 2 Free 

                       Buy 9, get 3 Free 

Vectra:         Buy 3, get 1 Free 

                     Buy 6, get 3 Free 

Heartgard: Buy 12, get $12 rebate   

Buy 12 Heartgard and 6 Frontline/Nexgard, get $35 dollars back 

Buy 12 Heartgard and 12 Frontline/Nexgard, get $50 dollars back 

The best part about getting your medication from your veterinarian is that the company will pay for treatment if your pet gets fleas or heartworms. Check their guarantee.  

ProHeart: The best medication is the one your pet receives.  Take the hassle out of giving your pet a medication every month to prevent heartworms.  ProHeart is an injection that protects your pets for 6 months!  Try this great product with your pet and make that one less thing you have to remember every month.   





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