Pet Dermatology

Our Carol Stream Veterinarian Team Offers Pet Dermatology for Cats & Dogs

Did you realize that pets, as well as humans, can benefit from dermatology services? At Carol Stream Animal Hospital, our Carol Stream veterinarian staff works with cats and dogs of all ages and breeds struggling with common skin conditions. Our effective and affordable services can help your animal find much-needed relief.

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Common Causes of Pet Skin Problems

The following conditions are among the most common causes of pet skin issues as diagnosed by our experienced vet team in Carol Stream:

  • Yeast, bacterial, and fungal infections
  • Dandruff
  • Sunburn 
  • Cancer (more likely in older pets) 
  • Fleas, ringworm, and other parasitic infestations
  • Allergic reaction to dust mites, pollen, smoke, chemicals, etc.
  • Food allergy (especially to things like soy, corn, and wheat)
  • Hormonal imbalances or autoimmune diseases

Signs of a Pet Dermatology Issue

Your pet can't tell you if their skin is bothering them, but there are usually signs of a potential problem that can be noticed. Look out for:

  • Frequent itching, scratching, biting, and licking
  • Dry, red, irritated, oozy, and/or flaky skin ("hot spots")
  • Skin growths or discoloration 
  • Hair loss 
  • Evidence of fleas or dust mites

If you notice any of the above issues, call us right away to set up an appointment. We'd be happy to get you in at a convenient time for you. 

How a Pet Dermatologist Can Help Your Cat or Dog

Treating a pet skin problem requires careful diagnosis. This is because if the underlying cause of the skin rash, hair loss, or other form of irritation isn't addressed, then symptoms will likely just return after treatment. 

When you come to see us for a pet dermatology visit, our team will thoroughly inspect your pet's body and skin. We may run certain tests, including skin or ear swaps and blood tests, in order to rule in or out underlying conditions. 

Based on our diagnosis, we'll then be able to implement an individualized treatment plan to relieve your pet's symptoms and eliminate the underlying skin issue. Common treatments may include:

  • Prescription diet or supplement changes
  • Oral medications (including antibacterial, antihistamine, and anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • Topical ointments and medicated shampoos to further soothe and relieve skin irritation
  • Pet parent education on the removal of environmental triggers 

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