Pet of the Month 2016


Hello, my name is Ava but my friends call me Monkey.  I’m a 3 year old female Mini Schnoodle - we are a super cute breed.  My family adopted me 3 years ago from a residential home in southern Illinois - go Salukis!  My favorite treats are carrots - my vet says I’m very healthy.  My favorite sleeping spot is on a mountain of pillows on the couch.  My best trick is shaking a hand - I like to meet people.  My favorite toy is a reindeer, which I have had since day 1.  My favorite pastime activity is tug of war and my favorite place to be scratched is the back of my neck.  My most memorable moment is when I discovered snow for the first time.  One fun fact that everyone should know about me is if you wear lotion, I will lick you - I love moisturizer.  Also, I love to snuggle! 

Hello my name is Guinness but my friends call be Bubba.  I’m a 10 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  My favorite treats are sausages - so delicious!  My favorite sleeping spot is the big brown coach in the family room.  My favorite toy is my Kong, especially when it has peanut butter inside.  My favorite pastime activity is watching out for squirrels.  My favorite places to be scratched are my neck and shoulders.  Some fun facts that everyone should know about me are that I was the only puppy in my litter and I like to drink water outside on the deck.  

Hello my name is Finbar and that is exactly what all my friends call me…its a pretty awesome name.  I’m a 6 year old male Irish Terrier and my family adopted me 6 years ago from Minnesota.  My favorite treats are peanut butter and cheese - I love them!  My favorite sleeping spot is the very comfy sofa.  My best trick is “stay” - I’m pretty talented.  My favorite toy is any stick - don’t tell my vet.  My favorite pastime activity is chasing squirrels and rabbits.  My favorite place to be scratched is behind my ears or belly.  My most memorable moment is when I found a rabbits den in the backyard - BEST DAY EVER!  One fun fact that everyone should know about me is Finbar is an Irish name that means “fair - headed one.”  I have a beard - which is pretty cool.  Everyone thinks I’m handsome, and I love to play with other dogs.    

My name is Cooper!  My family and friends call me Coop or Cooper.  I'm a 9 year old black labrador and I have an 8 year old yellow lab sister named Sydney.  I have a long list of favorite treats- apples and gingersnaps are very near the top.  My favorite sleeping spot is sprawled out in front of the fireplace- the cool concrete feels great on my belly.  My favorite toy, believe it or not, is a 10lb glow-in-the-dark Scooby Doo bowling ball.  A fun fact about me is that every night when I want attention, I'll go upstairs and steal something from my dad or my brother- usually a shoe or a pair of underwear, and parade it in front of them until they chase me or come give me a good long belly rub.


Hello my name is Chancey, but I also go by  Stinky, Baby, or Momma's Boy - I have lots of cool names.  I’m a 3 year old male but not too sure about my breed… German Shepard? mixed with some Beagle? Only the best of each breed.    My family adopted me 3 years ago from a shelter in West Chicago (originally from Tennessee). My favorite treats are Chicken Jerky. I’m very picky, so I don’t even like bacon! My favorite sleeping spot is my owners lap. My best trick is playing dumb - I’m pretty good at it. Some days I won't use the doggie door (but I have use it 100 time before) simply because I want to open the door. I  will also pretend that I can't jump into the car so I have my owners lift me up - they are such pushovers. My favorite toy is anything that I can rip apart. Stuffing and squeakers. Everywhere.  My favorite pastime is sleeping in places that I’m not allowed. My favorite place to be scratched is right between my hip bones. The harder you scratch, the faster my back legs bounce up and down.  My most memorable moment was when I was adopted. I was picked out of a crowd of dogs covered in mud. My owners got a closer 1 on 1 look at me, I crawled (like an Army man would crawl) right to them, sat in their lap, and didn't leave my seat until the paperwork was signed. No amount of treats, name calling, or whistling would make me leave my new mommy's lap. Some fun facts about me are - when I meet someone for the first time, I always lie down. I go to the dog park every Sunday. I can't wag just my tail, my whole body wiggles. My dinner/breakfast must contain: Ceasers dry dog food and chicken all cooked on the stove - I’m so worth the extra work.  I am really good at playing hide-and-seek. I love to play chase. I love to sleep on my back. I got the award for friendliest dog at Western Illinois University… those are smart kids!  I’m not just a dog, I’m family.

Hello my name is Biscuit, but my friends call me Biscuit Boy! I’m a 12.5 year old male boxer. My family adopted me 12 years ago from a breeder. My favorite treats are Beef knee caps….YUM!! My favorite sleeping spot is my giant sofa bed. My best trick is when I play dead. I circle around like I’ve had too much to drink and then I fall over. I don’t have toys really, just bones and more bones! My favorite pastime activity is swimming in lakes and playing in the middle of my yard watching all the wildlife. I will get up, though, for deer, coyotes and squirrels. My favorite place to be scratched is my chest. It makes my back legs move like I'm trying to run. I like to sit on the bow of our sailboat, and when we pass Buckingham Fountain, people take my picture - I’m pretty famous! I go to work/job sites with my owner and work meetings too! My family fosters dogs of all ages. I’m pretty tolerant of the puppies climbing on me and my legs. They steal my bones and toys too and try to sleep in my bed. I also like to go sailing on our boat!

My name is Goldie but my mom calls me “G,” “GG," and “Princess.” My mom says that I bring joy to our home. I was adopted 8 years ago, and I am so happy living with my family. I have a mom, dad and 3 brothers. My friends on the block are Lacey and Zoey. I also have many other friends including Lucy and Scout that come to my house for sleepovers. I also have my cousins that I like to play with, Deacon and Cooper. Sometimes my brother brings his dog Layla over and we chase tennis balls in the backyard. She is really fast but she shares really well so I get to catch some too!! Last Easter we had an egg hunt in our backyard and my cousin Cooper and I hunted for eggs. It was a blast!!!! My favoritethings to do are to go on walks and chase squirrels in our backyard. I also like to eat ice cream and a few special snacks that my parents allow me to have. In the summertime, I like to go to the forest and go on long walks. My grandpa always says that in his next life he wants to come back as ME


Hello my name is Rusty! I’m a male mutt and no one knows where I was born. My first home was in Murray, Kentucky as far as my parents know. I was a nice baby, but I kept eating the chickens, so the lady gave me away to an elderly gentleman who kept me until he died. His son took me, but instead of taking care of me, he dumped me on the side of the road. From there I managed to find my way to a nice man’s property who already had five outside dogs. I became number 6. At first the other dogs were mean to me, but after a while they let me join their pack. But I’m an inside dog and living outside could be scary, especially during storms. One day a man & his wife came to visit. After learning I was a stray, they checked my chip and so my story was told. The lady didn’t want me back so the nice man and his wife took me to Carol Stream where I live today. I am sweet, lovable, and try very hard to be a watchdog. Best of all, I get to be an inside dog again. I’m still afraid of storms, but I have a nice family that loves me, so its not so bad. I’m happy and healthy, and I try really hard to be the best dog they ever had. P.s I still love chicken.

Hello my name is Alvin and I’m a 7 year old Maltese.  My favorite treats are milk bones and pepperoni!!  My favorite sleeping spot is Mom’s bed.  My best trick is sit and down.  My favorite toy is all of them - I will literally play with any toy.  My favorite pastime activity is walking and watching the squirrels.  My favorite place to be scratched is my BELLY!!  One fun fact that everyone should know about me is I love my mom and stay by her side.  I love my walks and I actually get excited to see Dr. Ciribassi!!!


Hello my name is Buliwyf but my friends call me Bull!! I’m an 8 month old male mastiff. My family adopted me from Kharisma Mastiffs. My favorite treats are pigs ears - they are delicious! My favorite sleeping spot is by the fireplace - I’m so romantic. My best trick is the high five - and my paws are about as big as most people’s hands. My favorite toy is my bear - go Chicago! My favorite activity is…… Sleeping. My favorite place to be scratched is my chest - chest rubs RULE!! One fun fact that everyone should know about me is I’m the biggest teddy bear that you ever met.

Hello my name is Dobbs and that is what everyone calls me.  I’m an 8 and a half year old Border collie/beagle mix - I’m the best of both breeds.  My family adopted me 8 and half years ago from Paws.  My favorite treats are pretty much anything, I’m a big fan of eating.  My favorite sleeping spot is my mommy’s bed - its soooooooo comfortable.  My best trick is dancing - I’m a natural Fred Astaire.  My favorite toy is a long legged chicken.  My favorite pastime activity is sleeping.  My favorite place to be scratched is anywhere.  One fun fact that everyone should know about me is I learned to roll over at 7 years old.  

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