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Hello my friends!!

Last year I founded VetBros Pet Education Charitable Fund with the mission to make a huge difference in the lives of pets and their people. This year, we are excited to launch VetBros Care, a program that will enable you to treat pets whose owners are unable to afford the treatment that is required to save their lives.

We are in the process of building our Founding Veterinarian Membership organization and would be grateful if you would consider joining us! Once launched, you will have the opportunity to submit requests for the VetBros Pet Education Charitable Fund to subsidize pet medical procedures for families in financial distress. Our program would reduce the number of pets that are euthanized due to purely financial hardship.

Please review our Executive Summary and click the link below to apply as a founding member. There are several benefits to joining, including the enormous difference you'll make for your patients and in our community!

VetBros Intro Presentation - a more detailed overview of our program
Executive Summary
VetBros Membership Application - free registration as a Founding Member (limited offer)
VetBros PECF & VetBros Car FAQ's

Contreri Films Presents

The VetBros
Veterinary Education Made Fun!

Welcome to VetBros Education 101!  These two very enthusiastic honorary veterinarians (University of Florida Class of 2010) want to teach everyone about the importance of keeping your pet healthy.  These boys have a true passion for all God's creatures and want you to take care of your pets and the world in which they live.  Have fun learning, and remember to live by the VetBros motto by being “committed to keeping pets healthy!” 


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