Physical Examinations for Carol Stream, Wheaton and West Chicago Pets

Your Carol Stream, Wheaton or West Chicago pet faces many of the ongoing health challenges and risks that your human family members do -- and just as you can benefit from periodic physical examinations, so can your four-legged friend. When administered on a regular basis, comprehensive physical examinations can serve as a crucial preventative wellness strategy by catching any little issues before they can turn into painful, expensive emergencies. We're proud to offer these exams here at Carol Stream Animal Hospital.

Why Your Pet Needs Regular Exams

It's all too easy to make assumptions about your pet's health based on his demeanor, mood, appetite, and mobility. If your pet "seems like his usual self," you might be tempted to skip that recommended vet visit. But many of the biggest health crises start very small indeed, lurking in the body without calling attention to themselves until substantial problems have already developed. Diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes may display no obvious signs for years while undercutting your pet's health and possibly even threatening his life. A comprehensive physical examination enables your veterinarian at our clinic to detect even those "invisible" issues early enough to prescribe the most effective treatment possible, preserving your pet's optimal wellness year after year.

What to Expect From Your Pet's Physical Exam

How frequently your pet needs a comprehensive physical exam depends largely on his stage of life. Puppies and kittens need several exams during their first 12 months of life because we need to administer multiple rounds of vaccinations and other preventative measures. Adult animals generally need one physical examination per year; senior pets generally require two exams per year because of their increased risk of health problems.

Your pet's comprehensive physical examination will cover every aspect of his health and wellness, inside and out. The external examination includes checking the eyes, ears, sensory responses, gait, stance, skin, and other features that might betray a health problem. At the same time, your veterinarian will check essential vital signs such as heart rate, pulse, blood pressure and respiration. We also run laboratory tests of blood, urine and fecal samples. The blood and urine testing can alert us to a variety of different issues, from elevated blood sugar or cholesterol to possible leukemia or infection, while the fecal testing can detect problems such as parasitic infestations (worms). Weighing your pet can help us determine whether he is at risk for obesity and the diseases associated with it.

The comprehensive physical exam provides a valuable opportunity for owner-veterinarian interaction as well. If we detect a health problem, we will discuss the available treatment options with you right then and there so you'll know how to respond. You'll also have a chance to ask us about any questions or concerns you may have. We're happy to serve as your trusted veterinary advisors.

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