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Are Your Pet Vaccinations Up To Date?

Are Your Pet Vaccinations Up To Date in Carol Stream?

Rabies and other infectious diseases can cause life-threatening illnesses in pets. Pet vaccinations are an important part of keeping your pets safe from these diseases. In order for these vaccines to work effectively, they need to be kept up-to-date. At Carol Stream Animal Hospital, our veterinary team offers vaccinations for pets.

Kitten getting up to date on vaccines.

Importance of Vaccines for Pets in Carol Stream

Keeping pets in Carol Stream updated on their vaccinations helps lower their risk of catching potentially fatal diseases. Keep in mind that dogs and cats need vaccines throughout their lives, beginning from the time that they are puppies and kittens. These vaccinations must remain updated at all times, which is done through boosters. The amount of time that vaccines last for differs, depending on the type of vaccine used. Some might last for one year, while others last for three years. 

Types of Pet Vaccinations

There are core and non-core or optional pet vaccinations for dogs and cats. Rabies vaccines are required by law, while distemper, parainfluenza, parvovirus and adenovirus vaccines are considered core vaccines for puppies and dogs. Optional vaccines for dogs include Bordetella, coronavirus, and leptospirosis. Core vaccines for cats and kittens include feline calicivirus, feline panleukopenia, rabies and feline rhinotracheitis. Non-core vaccines for cats and kittens include feline leukemia, feline Giardia, and feline immunodeficiency virus. 

Which Vaccines Do Your Pets Need?

Our veterinarian in Carol Stream can provide you with guidance in determining which vaccines your pets should receive and how often they need them updated. While your pets should get all core vaccines for dogs or cats, our veterinarian will help you figure out which non-core vaccines they might benefit from having. This might depend on different factors, such as how often your pets are around other dogs or cats. 

Contact Our Carol Stream Veterinarian

If your pets need to have their vaccinations updated, please contact Carol Stream Animal Hospital to set up an appointment. Our Carol Stream veterinarian will make sure that your pets have up-to-date vaccines in order to protect their health. 

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