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Puppy Classes From Our Carol Stream Veterinarian

At Carol Stream Animal Hospital, our veterinarian and team take great pride in offering the best standard of veterinary care to your beloved pet. One of the more popular services we offer is that of our puppy classes, which provide socialization and training to young dogs. If you've recently adopted a puppy or are thinking about doing so in the future, we strongly encourage you to check out these classes offered by our very own Candy Schulze!

Benefits of Puppy Socialization and Training

There are so many benefits to socializing and training your pet at an early age. For starters, dogs are at their most impressionable when they're young, so you'll have a much easier time training them now than you would at a later age, when they've become more "set in their ways." Specifically, puppies tend to be more successful with the following skills when trained earlier in life:

  • knowing when and where to eliminate
  • knowing what to chew vs. what not to chew
  • handling time away from owners
  • responding to commands (sit, stay, lie down, etc.)
  • greeting people politely

In addition to getting a head start on training your pup, these classes also provide valuable socialization experiences that can help with your dog's behavior. By being exposed to other breeds of dog as well as people other than its owners, a dog can become more comfortable in unfamiliar situations, such as when exposed to other dogs at a dog park or meeting a new human. This socialization can be especially helpful if you have multiple pets in your household or plan to adopt more pets in the future.

What to Expect From Our Puppy Classes

Our puppy classes are recommended for dogs between the ages of eight and sixteen weeks and are available in six-week segments. Typically, our classes run on Thursday evenings right here in our animal hospital. We enjoy hosting our puppy classes here in our office because it serves the dual purpose of helping your puppy associate going to the vet with happy experiences!

During each class, your dog will have the opportunity to interact with other puppies and humans off-leash, and our very own Candy Schulze will provide your dog with the instruction needed to help your pet become a good "canine citizen." Please keep in mind that we also require all owners to attend these classes with their dogs in order to reap the full benefits, as a large part of successful training is being able to form a bond between dog and owner that is based on trust and understanding.

Request an Appointment with Carol Stream Animal Hospital Today

If you're interested in finding out more about our puppy classes or would like to enroll today, feel free to contact Carol Stream Animal Hospital today. Our Illinois veterinary team would be happy to answer any questions you have! We also offer a wide range of additional veterinary services by appointment only. Call us at (630) 462-7888 today.

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